Temperature-controlled cooler & freezer space

Our cold storage warehouse is family-owned and operated by a team with years of experience in the cold storage industry. Here are a few more reasons to work with us:

  • BRCCertified Plant
  • Short-term and long-term cold storage options
  • Items are barcoded upon arrival
  • Easy lot tracking and inventory updates
  • Prime location with direct access via I-90

Experienced + Family Owned and Operated

Confidently ship and store your valuable inventory with NEO Cold Storage. We are family-owned and operated by a team with experience in both logistics and the cold storage industry. NEO Cold Storage serves parts of Ohio and select areas in Pennsylvania and Kentucky. Get in touch with us to learn more about available storage space or to plan your next shipment.

The NEO Cold Storage team is flexible and responsive to your needs–we are ready to do what it takes to preserve and transport your products. Our background encompasses all aspects of the cold storage experience, so we know what you’re looking for. You can trust our expertise.

Looking for cold storage, order processing, or delivery solutions? We’ve got you covered. Contact us to learn more about our suite of logistics and warehousing capabilities. Reserve your spot today!

NEO Cold Storage

Reach NEO Cold Storage via I-90 from:

Boston (10 hours)

New York City (8 hours)

Chicago (6 hours)

Indianapolis (5 hours)

Pittsburgh (2 hours)

Philadelphia (7 hours)

Baltimore (6 hours)